Toggers are gloves that DO something

Grey Fingerless Toggers

$ 28.99

We love, love, love these things.  Sylvia’s daughter, Francesca introduced them to us; hers were knitted and a bit scratchy, so we made them up in this double layer, non-pilling fleece (they won’t ball up with use or washing) and put some lights on them. 

We were all wearing a pair while walking around San Francisco’s China Town where we saw what appeared to be locals going through an unmarked door across the street.  So many people that we had to go see what was going on.  Immediately inside the door were narrow, wooden, poorly lit stairs.  So of course Jak started up and half way turned and said “food”, so we all followed him up. 

We couldn’t understand a word anyone was saying and there was no menu, but soon we were all sitting around a table with a massive amount of the, best, Chinese, food, ever, with these things on, trying to think of what to call them, when Jak just said with his mouth half full, “I just call em Toggers”.   I was the only one willing to ask “So, is that even a word?”  To which he said, “Dickens, Oliver Twist, it’s another word for clothes, garb, you know, Vagabond slang.  Thought everybody knew that.”  We all looked at each other for a moment, then all at the same time you would have heard; “Alrighty then”, “Okeydokey”,  “Toggers, I’m ok with that”,  “There you have it”, and “think they have a chocolate dessert?”

So, that is how they came to be called Toggers.  We get such a kick out of the word that we call all our gloves with lights Toggers, Toggers are gloves that DO something, these have lights.  I forgot to mention that we were pleased to make use of our “Toggers” while going back down the restaurant stairs because it had gotten late and we couldn’t have seen a thing without them. 

They are so comfortable you may not want to take them off and you really don’t have to.  You can text, type, play the piano or flute, change a tire, use your fingers to make those obnoxious ear splitting whistles, assemble things, wear big rings, paint your nails, turn a page or sketch, play cards, eat popcorn and of course, eat with chopsticks, all while keeping you comfortably warm.

They feel like your favorite jeans or sweat pants, cashmere without the expense, waking up early and having time to go back to sleep on a featherbed and under a down comforter, mac and cheese without the calories, your first crush before it became crushing, or that perfect night at the Fog City Diner-garlic custard spread on everything and fabulous conversation with amazing people; but without the extra charge at the rental place because the car reeked of garlic.  Um, um, ummmmm, woorrth iiit!

These 9" fingerless Toggers are made of a Polartec® fleece which is 100% polyester double velour. We chose this easy care, non-pill, colorfast, mid-weight fleece which provides an all-purpose insulating layer, for its warmth, beautiful colors, durability and because it’s made in the USA.  All Polartec® fabrics have been developed to ensure that the fabric will not pill.  All our Toggers have a discreet 24 lumens LED light on top of each one and are powered by 2 lithium CR-2032 batteries which Jak said "Darn well better be included", so they are.  Remove the lights before you wash them in warm water and dry in low to medium heat.  Do not dry clean or use dryer sheets.  

Push the button to turn them on or make them flash. Two in one, warmth and  safety, for those cold winter mornings when you’re walking to the bus stop or on campus to your car at night, looking for your phone which you hope you’ll find under the bleachers, the cat in the hedgerow or trying to find something in your purse in the movie theater.  For added safety, use the flash mode while riding your bike at night. 

Be good, do good, explore.

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