Toggers are gloves that DO something

The origin of Toggers, gloves that DO something

Jak had things to do, generators to repair in Japan, wells to dig in West Africa, people to help in Haiti and wild ponies that needed him on assateague Island. He had the strength, stamina, determination and grit to get the job done, but could have used someone to hold the flashlight when the workday went into the night.  His dog, Dog, wouldn’t do it for more than 17 minutes at a time, so Jak made some gloves with a flashlight built in.  Now, for people that need to get the job done; JAK’s gloves with lights!  We call them Toggers.  Toggers are gloves that DO something.  Push the on/off button to engage the LED lights which throw 24 lumens each, have a 50,000 hour life expectancy and are powered by 2  lithium CR-2032  batteries, which Jak said, “darn well better be included!”,  so they are. JAK makes gloves that DO something, he calls them Toggers, and in some situations they can be just as important to you as your dog.  

Jak is a laborer, a rancher, a farmer, a sportsman, a fisherman, a doer, a philosopher, a talker, a risk taker, a humanitarian, an inventor, explorer, gregarious and a loner.  He is a man who knows he is different, and a child that longs to be the same. He was driven in his youth by a passion to contribute something big to the world while being tempered by self-awareness. Jak is every man and his time is now. 

We  are related to Jak and took an interest in the pair of gloves that he had attached a small flashlight to. With Jak's disinterest and blessing, we formed Jak’s Gear.  In exchange for Jak’s endless stories about his life, Jak’s Gear will, as soon as soon as we are able, finance his travels and adventures. We will sponsor him as he volunteers with the American Red Cross to help wherever needed and whenever a natural disaster occurs, whether here or abroad. He also promises to use our blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts to let us know where he is, what he's doing and how we can all help if he finds a need. We are hoping that our customers will send pictures and tell us what they are doing with their Toggers as well.  

 We hope you will check back from time to time to see what's new as we continue to improve our products and add new gadgets to fit on them.

Thank you,

Jak's Gear Team



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