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JAK had things to do; generators to repair in Japan, wells to dig in West Africa, people to help in Haiti and wild ponies that needed him on Assateague Island. He had the strength, stamina, determination and grit, but could have used someone to hold the flashlight when the workday went into the night.  His dog,  Dog, wouldn’t do it for more than 17 minutes at a time, so Jak made some gloves with lights built in.  Now, for people that need to get the job done; JAK’s gloves  with lights!  He calls them Toggers which are gloves that DO something. Push the on/off button to engage the 4 LED bulbs which  throw  6  lumens  each, have a 50,000 hour life expectancy and are powered by 2 lithium CR-2032  batteries, which Jak said, “darn well better be included !”,  so they are.  JAK makes gloves that DO something and in some situations, they can be just as important to you as your dog.  

When Jak was about ten years old, he loved to go over to C. C. Madison’s house because he had the largest collection of show birds in Kansas, by his recollection, over 250 different species.  It didn’t take long before “Bird Man” and Jak struck a deal, in exchange for a week of helping feed all those birds and clean all those cages, Jak could choose 1 baby bird or egg for his own.  The first one he chose was a golden pheasant; the second was a silver pheasant.  It wasn’t long before he had completely taken over his dad’s old greenhouse, where some birds stayed in cages but most were always loose.  He covered the window with chicken wire and dug a big hole and put one of those galvanized troughs into the dirt floor.  He had pheasants, quail, pigeons, ducks, doves, geese and 5 peacocks!   The ducks and pigeons would follow him around the neighborhood and he slept in there until he was 15.  I’m pretty sure that made him “Bird Boy”.  The point of me telling you this story is that this is the glove that C. C. Madison gave Jak to wear while he did his work; they were way too big and always dirty, but he loved them.  Jak had a favorite dove that would land on his gloved hand and stay there as he walked around; he imagined it was a falcon.

This heavy duty, cow suede work Togger wasn't designed to be a fashion statement and not the glove for intricate finger work.  The suede covering the palm and fingers is soft and flexible while the blue cotton ticking at the wrist is great protection from talons.  You know this work glove, you've probably owned a pair, but this one has lights. 


If you run or bike in the dark, use these Toggers in the flash mode to help alert drivers of your presence.  These are also great for sailing, fishing, skateboarding, climbing, whatever sport where you need a snug fitting glove with some protection, a dependable grip and lights for when it gets dark.  Kids on bicycles always remind Jak of the first business he ever had.  It was in the spring just after his eighth birthday when seemed like all the other kids had new bicycles, most had been Christmas presents.  Being a poor kid, he had an old one that had barely survived his older brother.  So, undaunted, he walked down to Western Auto and bought a can of spray paint for 29 cents, took the bike apart, painted the frame “Candy Apple Red” and put it back together.   Everybody noticed Jak’s new bike and he was proud to tell them what he had done.  Other kids like him were soon giving him $5.00 to have their bike painted to look brand new too.  Within 2-3 weeks Jak had a 15-20 bike backlog, each one took him about 3 hours.  Pretty soon he was offering accessories like baskets, ape hangers and water bottles.  The water bottles were pop bottles attached to the bike with old clamps and a small rubber hose that was long enough to go from the bottle to the rider’s mouth!  Everyone was happy, except Bobby Hernandez.  Jak and Bobby had a history and it wasn’t good.  Also, Bobby’s bike was a new top of the line 5 speed.  Jak figured it would take him too long to be worth it, didn’t know if he could put it back together right and was sure that if anything wasn’t perfect, or even if it was, that he would be blamed for any little thing that might be wrong.  So Jak turned the job down, which Bobby took issue with and which was then the new source of trouble between them for a few more years.   We think this is a versatile all around sports glove.  If you want to buy this Togger and your name is Bobby Hernandez, Jak wants to talk to you first, just wants to see if you are the  Bobby Hernandez and maybe, you know, reminisce a bit.  




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