Toggers are gloves that DO something



Your school needs funds to go places and buy much needed things.  We have a new and exciting product that people will be happy to see and buy.   Toggers with lights are fun, practical and easy to sell, which puts the FUN back in FUNdraising!

Our Toggers can be made in your school colors so students and fans will have a new way to show support for their favorite teams, school, church, or social, political and civic groups.  They're also practical, with lights always on hand when you need them as they help keep your hands and wrists warm.  They can be worn alone or over your own gloves.

We think that Jak's finger-less, fleece Toggers with lights, are especially helpful to junior high, high school and college students as they go about pursuing their many interests with their overfilled schedules.  Toggers with lights are really useful when that schedule puts them in the dark, especially during winter when the days are so short yet there are so many places to go and things to do.

We will always be improving and adding tools and gadgets which will be compatible with all of our Toggers.  Anyone signing up by email address will receive notices as we add those products AND anyone that has already purchased a pair of Jak's Toggers will be able to get new accessories at a discount!



If you are all-in and ready to get going fast, you can purchase as few as 36 pairs at $19.75 each.  With this program you pocket $9.24 per pair when you sell at the retail price of $28.99.  Sell them on your own schedule, in your shop, door to door or at events. Give us a call or send an email and we'll send you color swatches of the color/s you are considering. 


This method of pre-selling door to door, at events or booths will pay off big-time!  We will give you one free pair of fingerless, fleece Toggers in your preferred color/s, send you 10 order forms like the one shown below, (front and back) which you are welcome to copy as needed, and a 60” x 18” piece of fleece in the color/s you have chosen so you can cut as many sample swatches as you need for your fundraising team.   

When you're ready, place your order of at least 36 pairs at the wholesale price, which will make your group $9.24 per pair.  There is no deposit required when you place your bulk order, but we do give a discount of 3% for a 50% down payment and 6% with full payment on orders of 100 pairs or more. You'll receive your Toggers in 3-5 weeks with your balance due, including shipping, 30 days from the delivery date.  

AND when you place your order from your door-to-door campaign, we think you should get Residual sales for all your hard work, so we will then start you on program #3 with no additional minimum purchase.  So read up on #3 below!


Get started tomorrow!  Let social media do the work for you, this just couldn't be any easier.  We will give you the tools to run a successful, social-media-driven, referral campaign.  We'll give you one free pair of fingerless, fleece Toggers in your chosen color/s, assign you a special code and furnish you with a flyer like the one pictured below.  Your flyer will show a picture of your custom Toggers and explain that your group will receive $4.00 for every pair of any Toggers purchased using your code at or Facebook @ToggersByJak!


When you choose program #2 or #3, at the beginning of your campaign, we will wave the 36 pair minimum usually required to receive the wholesale price of $19.75.  This makes it possible for you to buy as many additional samples as you feel you need to make a big splash with your fundraising campaign.  Whether you're a small school wanting to start with 6 students spreading the word or a larger one with thousands of students where no less than 100 pairs will get the word spreading far and fast.  Getting your custom Toggers in front of as many potential customers as possible will ensure your success.  

Using word of mouth and social media makes the sky the limit, the more visible the product the more you'll sell.  One hundred people reaching 10 buyers each, gets you $4,000., but when those 1,000 people reach 10 more buyers, then you're talking $40,000. more.   So the more people showing the product and spreading the word, the faster you'll get to those high numbers.  A lot can happen in 4 months.

If you would like a sample pair of Toggers in a color combination not pictured here, we can do that too, at a charge of $35 which includes the lights and shipping. We will get that to you in 4-5 days if we have the fabric in stock, and in up to 10 days if not.  Our color chart is below.  We will credit you the $35 when you place your minimum order of 36 pairs, making this your free pair.

If this is the first time you have used our Toggers for fundraising, we strongly encourage you to purchase at least one pair for each 150 female students enrolled in your school or are part of your organization.  Give them to your most enthusiastic, social-media-connected advocates to wear as they go to football and basketball games, school, social and community events.  We have found that cheerleaders, dance team and band members are really good advocates because of their high visibility at events.  

All of your advocates should spread the word about your fundraising campaign by sharing pictures and comments with their friends through social media, letting them know how they use their Toggers with lights and that their purchase of ANY Toggers, using your special code, will send $4.00 to your group.

You should copy, cut and distribute the flyer below, at football & basketball games, and to the audience at performances.  Advertise your campaign and code in the school newspaper, on the campus radio, on banners at games, in the commons area and food courts.  Just get it out there!

Our On-line Referral Campaigns are 4 months long.  You can login and monitor your sales progress and at the end of each month we mail you a check or put cash in your PayPal account!  To cover our monthly costs, this program DOES require a minimum purchase of 36 pairs during the life of the campaign.  We are sure you will sell more than 36 pairs with option #3, but if you should find yourself a few short, we would mail them to you along with an invoice.  We use Referral Candy for all our referral campaigns.


Because that's just FUN!

To get started on your new fundraising campaign, just give us a call or email your groups name and contact information to  We'll get you started on the campaign of your choice.
Please feel free to call us or send and email with any questions, ideas or concerns!

 Contact us at or  316-992-5197




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