Toggers are gloves that DO something

The Toggers Jak wears when he rides

Posted on March 30 2017

This is the glove that started it all.  It was the first pair that Jak added the lights to and the one he pretty much wears everyday.  He says they’re  absolutely required when he rides his motorcycle, that putting them on with the rest of his “riding attire”, is now part of a tradition, just like listening to “Hotel California”,  as he takes off for a long ride.   This is also the first gift that his 19 year old son actually seemed to like, at least since that battery operated jeep he got when he was 4.

Besides the obvious reasons to wear these gloves, we suggest that they are essential while night fishing for flat-heads and channel cats, looking for your neighbors cat in the hedgerow, crabbing,  running electrical lines or just flipping the breaker, and for most plumbing situations.  Turns out, they are perfect for looking for your keys in the purse, then on the floor of the movie theater and finally to see them through the window of your car, so you know for sure, that you have to call a locksmith, again.  (Jak will be receiving a year of AAA for Christmas again this year!)

We think that every man and woman needs a pair of black leather gloves with lights.  This one has a palm that is slightly padded for comfort, added durability and protection.   These were designed for long-term, year-round use with a comfortable fit and quite frankly, to look cool while being sensibly prepared.  These gloves are meant to DO something, because Jak is always on a mission, he has to have the lights on hand so he’s prepared for whatever he’s walking or riding into.  Well, except for the key thing, that’s always a problem. 




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