Toggers are gloves that DO something

Ape hangers and water bottles

Posted on November 02 2016

MAX Sports Toggers in 3 Colors, Full or Half Finger, great for cycling.

Jak's first "business" began by chance.  It was in the spring just after his eighth birthday, when it seemed like all the other kids had new bicycles.  Christmas presents he assumed.  His was one that had barely survived his older brothers. Undaunted, he walked down to Western Auto and bought a can of spray paint for 29 cents, took the bike apart,  painted the frame “Candy Apple Red” and put it back together.  

Everybody noticed Jak’s new bike and he was proud to tell them what he had done.  Other kids were soon giving him $3.00 to have their bike painted so theirs would look brand new too.  Within a few weeks, Jak had a 15-20 bike backlog; each one took him about 3 hours.  He started offering accessories like baskets, ape hangers and water bottles.  The water bottles were pop bottles attached to the bike with clamps and a small rubber hose that was long enough to go from the bottle to the rider’s mouth! 

Customers were happy, except Bobby Hernandez.  Jak and Bobby had a history and it wasn’t a good one.  Also, Bobby’s bike was a 5 speed.  Jak figured it would take him too long to be worth it, didn’t know if he could put it back together right and was sure that if anything wasn’t perfect he'd be accused of ruining it.  So Jak turned the job down, which Bobby took issue with and that was the new source of trouble between them for a few more years.  If you want to buy this glove, and your name is Bobby Hernandez, Jak wants to talk to you first, just wants to see if you are the Bobby Hernandez, and maybe, you know, reminisce a bit.

These Toggers have a synthetic padded palm and knuckle, neoprene fourchette full or half fingers and a spandex back.  The full fingered model has an open cuff while the half finger model has a Velcro® closure at the wrist.  These Toggers won’t get in your way but will help you have a good grip while also giving you some protection.  We are looking for a similar glove in “Candy apple Red”.

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  • Jill: November 21, 2016

    My bike ruined the first pair of pants that I bought with my own money, on the first day! The were bellbottoms which got all caught up in the chain, tore them. I didn’t like riding bikes after that.

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