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Bird Boy

Posted on February 11 2016

When Jak was about ten years old, he loved to go over to C. C. Madison’s house because he had the largest collection of show birds in Kansas, over 250 different species, as he remembers it.  It didn’t take long before “Bird Man” and Jak struck a deal, in exchange for a week of helping feed all those birds and clean all those cages, Jak could choose 1 baby bird or egg for his own.  The first one he chose was a golden pheasant; the second was a silver pheasant.  It wasn’t long before he had completely taken over his dad’s old greenhouse, where some birds stayed in cages but most were always loose.  He covered the open window with chicken wire and dug a big hole and put one of those galvanized troughs into the dirt floor.  He eventually had pheasants, quail, pigeons, ducks, doves, geese and 5 peacocks!   The ducks and pigeons would follow him around the neighborhood and he slept in there until he was 15.  I’m pretty sure that made him “Bird Boy”.  The point of me telling you this story is that this is the glove that C. C. Madison gave Jak to wear while he did his work; they were way too big and always dirty, but he loved them.  Jak had a favorite dove that would land on his gloved hand and stay there as he walked around; he imagined it was a falcon.

This heavy duty cow suede work Togger isn't designed to be a fashion statement and not the glove for intricate finger work.  The suede covering the palm and fingers is soft and flexible while the grey cotton ticking at the wrist is great protection from talons.  You know this work glove, you've probably owned a pair, but this one has lights. 



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